Any person who, supports the objects of the association and agrees to be bound by its rules, and who applies in writing, signed by the applicant, may apply for Full membership of the association. Upon the acceptance of the application by the committee and upon payment of the first annual subscription, the applicant shall be a Full member of the association.

The Code of Conduct

• All members must keep safety and professionalism in mind at all times, and be aware of their surrounding environment, personnel, actions, behavior, vehicles and equipment. Accordingly, a member shall not act in such a way that is considered by Drifting SA as reckless or endangering others. Negligence of any kind or violation of any safety matter will not be tolerated

• The conduct of a member will always be sportsmanlike. A member will never blatantly cheat and will always have regard for others. A member will not undertake willful actions that may effect the outcome of a battle or event

• Every member has the right to ask questions and rationally discuss with the officials and/or judges, any issue pertaining to their performance, race operations, or the judging format. At all times any member will conduct him/herself in an appropriate manner with the officials or judges

• The use of any narcotic, controlled substance, performance-enhancing drugs, and/or recreational drugs, as defined by federal and/or state law, by any member while participating in any Drifting SA activity, is expressly prohibited, even if prescribed by a medical practitioner. Consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not commence until all official functions of a specific series or event has been completed.

• Code of Conduct rules apply during the course of any Drifting SA activity, including but not limited to test days, set up times, official meetings, press conferences, public appearances, conventions, competition events and demonstration events.